Introducing Affordable Maternity Hardcover Photo Book
Our photo book offers a solution that is significantly more affordable than fine art options we offer with each session without compromising on quality. Here's why it's the perfect choice for you:

We believe that every mom deserves to have her maternity memories preserved in a stunning hardcover photo book, without breaking the bank. Our product is thoughtfully priced to fit within your budget, making it guilt-free to print and display those cherished moments.
High-Quality Hardcover: 
Our photo book is meticulously crafted with a durable hardcover that ensures your memories stay safe and protected. The sturdy construction guarantees that your book will withstand the test of time, allowing you to relive those beautiful moments with your family for years to come.
Easy and Convenient: 
We've made the entire process hassle-free, from selecting your favorite photos to placing the order. Our user-friendly online store provides a seamless experience, ensuring that you can effortlessly create your maternity photo book without any technical difficulties.
Order now for only $199
How to get your book:

1) click "order my book" to purchase the product
2) choose 10 - 20 images 
3) upload images to dropbox or google drive folder and share the link with
4) you will receive confirmation of order and cover for approval
5) relax and wait fo your special gift of memories!!
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