Birth Photography and Videography
Birth photography is one of the main services of my company while often it stays behind the curtains. I would love to give some information for those who is interested in birth films or photography.
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We are based in Plano, TX and serve all DFW area. We photograph natural and caesarean births in birth centers, hospitals and homes. The first thing you would always want to ask your provider is that if the hospital  ( your provider specifically) you are planning to give birth allows photography or videography ( depends on which service you pick). Most of the providers do allow photography. Almost all hospitals do not allow videotaping delivery of the baby, only before and after.
I am currently only taking 2 to 3 birth clients a month with the dates being spread around to make sure I can focus on each of you. In case of a rare situation, that both my clients would go into labor in the same day, I have a team member who provide the same quality of service as me and more than that, a wonderful human being, which is soooo important! 

How this works:
Birth Photographer is  on call 2 weeks before your due date and until your baby is born.  We have an initial phone call where we discuss all the details specific to your birth plan and any circumstances that may rise.
I will come and photograph the active labour, birth and a couple of hours following the birth. Every birth is different and usually requires me to be with you for many hours over night. As a provider of birth photography and videography business I am committed to be with you as many hours as needed, while your package will cover only up to 12 hours. 
What if I’m having a C-section:
If you are having a scheduled C-section and you are pre-approved by your provider for me to take photos  I will come to the hospital in the hour or two before your scheduled time so we can capture the preparations and excitement. Sometimes things change on the go and hospital team may refuse me to enter OR. In this case I will offer to give a camera with setting on to one of the nurses or will have to skip that part and  take over again when you arrive in recovery and follow the hours following. Your doctor make best choices for your safety and I have to accept these rules. Your film or movie will still be priceless while you need to be aware of that specificity before booking..
There are two package options for birth our services:
Birth Photography:
include all photos from your birth and few hours after in private  online gallery.
Birth Film 
( most popular package): include a beautiful movie about that important day delivered to you on the flash card + 1 minute promo ( video with the best moments that you can share with friends if you want) and  about 10 photos of you and your family meting the baby for the first time. 
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 I believe it is very  important that both parents are very comfortable with me, so if you feel like you want to meet me upfront we can schedule a coffee date prior booking. Contact us fro pricing and booking details.
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Photos by Anna Newborn photographer of Artfitnessflow Photography
Proudly serving Dallas and DFW area. Birth photography and Birth Videography.
We are  specializing in luxury newborn, maternity and family photo shoots as well as birth. Anya and her team work mostly in Dallas, Celina, Prosper, Frisco, Mckinney, Allen, Plano