In order to make sure that you secure a booking for your newborn, it is very important to contact me to reserve a date while you are still pregnant.
As I typically book up months in advance, please book in early to avoid disappointment.
 October 2021 - NJ/NYC
November 2021 - 2022 - Plano, TX and surrounding areas 
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Plano maternity photographer
What separates you from other photographers?
When I first hired a photographer myself I had the best time ever, pictures came out great and showed real ME. I thought all photographers like that until my path crossed with another one. I felt extremely uncomfortable, I didn't know what to do in front of the camera. That was the moment I realized what type of photographer I have to be myself to make my clients happy. First of all - photography is an experience. I am a nice person and I know 100 ways to make you comfortable in front of the camera. I had an experience working non-profit with models who think they are unattractive and we made supermodel shots together. And second - I deliver classic beautiful high quality images coming from years of commercial work experience. It's not overloaded with filters  that you can regret in 5-10 years (that are so much in fashion among photographers now). My images are classy with a creative touch, clean and emotionally powerful. And third - I want to hear from you. Photographer is a magic profession. We catch the happiest moments with you and give them to you on a piece of paper. You are the one who knows what images you wish to have for the rest of your life
How far in advance should I book my session?
As soon as you decide you want me as your photographer, I'd suggest contacting me! Many dates like newborn photoshoots, birth photography, fresh 48 or maternity photography are very sensitive to timing. 
Can I see all of the unedited photos from my session? You took so many photos of me.
Absolutely NOT. That's why you are hiring me and not asking your friend to make picture on iphone. I do not give out unedited images under any circumstance. After our session I cull through all photos and choose the best of the best to edit. many pictures are taken only to ensure quality of the final ones.  All unsuccessful images get deleted off of my hard drive right away. I promise to provide you with a great variety of photos in the end, all fully edited and ready to be shown to you on our revealing session or online!
What is your turn around time?
Expect your photos to be ready in 3 weeks.
Can I share my photos to Instagram?
Yes! Share them all! I love to see that almost every client I worked with have their instagram profile photo the one taken by me. Please remember to avoid using a filter though. Not only is it a violation of copyright, but it creates an inaccurate representation of my work!

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