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How to make big group photo:
1. For any family group-photo, choice of outfits is very important . I Don't get tired of repeating-it is extremely important that clothing don't distract from subjects of photography. It should not be too bright and colorful. Members of the family not necessary need to wear the same color, just make sure you avoid patterns and excessive details and accessories. Keep it simple.
2. Posing. All family members should look natural and relaxed. It’s very rare nowadays to see those family portraits where everyone keeps the same pose and lay their hands on the lap. It’s still important for photographer to group you well to create nice composition. But after everyone got their spot, try to get into  free, laid-back pose. 
3. For the perfect(!) group photo we will need to take many photos. It should be done quickly because little kids don’t sit quietly and even when they do it doesn’t last long. To get such photo in a single frame is not always possible. Photographer may take many photos, switching his attention to every single member one by one. If there will be no Perfect one, your family photographer will composite it from 2-3 different frames. Parents need to remember that and try to  not spend all time looking at/correcting kids to avoid being on the photo looking down.
4. Room. It is critical for good group photo to choose the right room for family photoshoot. It should be big! Large groups I photograph only in spacious place, large studio, in large conference room or outdoors in right time of the day. To have nice photo you need more air volume in the frame. You should never stand too close to the background, you need to move away from it at least 5 feet, otherwise photo will look like it’s made on your iPhone. Secondly, it is very important that the photographer was able to move away from the group at a nice distance. Wide angle lens will widen faces of people standing on the sides if photographer is too close. If a Group Portrait is shot on a professional camera, but too close to the group it may look again just like a phone photo, just slightly better resolution.
5. Light. It is very important to make a family group photo in a well-lit room, and it is VERY  important that that light distributed evenly. Our eyes are able to compensate for the difference of light between window and middle of the room, but on the photo you can get surprised seeing some members of the family brightly lit and others in complete  darkness. The studios have all the necessary equipment to align the lighting if it is uneven, or placement is chosen so that the light from windows is distributed evenly. If you are planning a family reunion portrait and it is possible to do photo in the studio, choose that option.  
If you have any questions about  newborn, family or maternity photography, we are always here to help you to document your memory in the best happiest way. 
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