Let's face it we live in such busy world, it's almost impossible to be a good mom, successful lady boss and a loving wife. And how do you even expect me to spend time on myself, taking classes or especially getting a beauty or boudoir photoshoot
Most of my ladies getting their photos done for their boyfriend or fiance right before the wedding, and then every photoshoot request is for family portrait, newborn photos or photos of their amazing kids. I love children photography and I will never get tired of playing with kids and make it a fun experience for them , but it seems unfair, than we limit ourselves on such a beautiful and powerful experience. Being sensitive, gentle and beautiful is a a part of our nature. And while all your instincts tell you to take care of your family and be strong 24/7, you should be planning ahead your me time.
Pros and cons of ME TIME.
-  never-ending love and passion in your relationship with your husband
-  tons of money saved on books "how to fix relationship" and psychology sessions  later on in life
- increased confidence at work
- increased focus in career
- knowing your value
- finding time
And  between me and you, we both know that we can make time if we want to.
Me time can be different, it doesn't have to be taking photos. I put this example since I know for sure it works. I saw amazing transformations of women who did beauty or boudoir photoshoots with me in NJ. Step to more balanced life is to stop rejecting your inner little princess. Your inner child will always be with you and you better take care of yourself. Start to put in your calendar time for any activities that will make you happy and confident in your beauty - yoga class, dance class, may be finally trying that pole dance class? Go for make up class, get your photos done,  buy sexy expensive lingerie.  Actually, stop reading!! Open a calendar and mark  time for yourself and how you are going to treat yourself.  You deserve it!

Photo by Anna. Artfitnessflow Photography
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