maternity session nj
    There are many beautiful locations for maternity photoshoot in North Jersey and NYC area. But one of the most common request I always get is maternity session on the beach. Golden hour or sunset or both is the best time to capture motherhood glow and connect to the nature.
   Maternity session outdoors can be done in one location or two spots that are located close to each other. 
   You will also get a chance to change outfits. You can stay in one dress or choose variety of clothes. Maternity session is that special time where you should treat yourself  with love and allow to fully enjoy that experience!
Girl turning into woman,
woman turning into mother,
mother turning into Venus.
Venus falls in love,
flowers grow wherever
love touches her, this
is how she is reborn.
I look at photographs of my mother
when she was pregnant with me,
does she feel how I feel now?
In the dream I am crowning
and yemoja
pray around my bed,
I can smell jasmine,
I wake up as someone
places a wreath
upon my head
..."       Beyonce
maternity photographer nj
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