February is a month of love. Many buy their first engagement ring for the first time, and searching online for best ways to propose to the loved one. Engagement may be even more important than the wedding itself. Everything counts! And compare to wedding where you both will be making decision, responsibility of a perfect proposal is 100% on you.
Below is a list of helpful tips before the day X and a list of don’ts to avoid mistakes.

1. Where?
 Pick the place that will either wow her or means something to both of you. It may be not a place, but activity you do together or even something she asks for a while. For example me and my husband are both into fitness. It’s not the way to propose, but imagine we had our proposal in a gym with a friend playing guitar for example? You should think about Surprise factor, but you don’t have to make it too complicated if you don’t want to. First think about what she truly loves, what makes her smile and eyes shine and you’ll know the answer. Romantic picture perfect proposal is not always a great solution.

2. What ring to buy?
If you are together for a while and spoke about engagement, you probably already heard what she wants. There is about 50/50 ratio of women who want specific ring compare to those who is not waiting for specific look. If she is the one who never mentioned it, follow your intuition or check her pinterest profile. But seriously, follow your intuition.

3. What to say?
You can write the speech or you can just have a general idea of what you will say. But before you decide, take a piece of paper and write down 10 things you love about her. Try to not generalize and think about details that only you know – the way she bites her lip when she’s nervous or smiles with her eyes when you say silly things. Write what you remember down. I can’t explain why, but writing will help you.

4. What’s next?
This is one of the most important moments in your life. Splurge on secret engagement photographer. At Artfitnessflow we offer this service. If you are far away, use a company flytographer. You can hire them in almost any city around the world. Photographer will capture your emotions during proposal and you will make a few posed portraits right after. All those pictures will be priceless and can be used for the wedding invitations if you will decide so.
Don’t ask your friends how to propose.
Don’t ask her how she wants you to propose.
Don’t be nervous, she loves you and will say YES, I promise. You read it, so that’s a sign from the universe.
Don’t be afraid to say something wrong. You won’t. You both will be so emotional that you will see everything as perfect.
Don’t hold your emotions. You can trust her your heart.
And as a final thought  - forget what everyone thinks about proposal. You two are about to create a family or little world that will matter only for you two. Make it special, make it magical, make her dream come true. This moment will never happen again, its only you and her.  No likes on instagram, handshakes of coworkers or parents approval will substitute a true  magical proposal that may be looks like magic ONLY for 2 of you!
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