Often between scheduling and signing contracts we forget why we organize a photo shoot. The most important thing in family photoshoot is to preserve family history. In pursuit of a beautiful picture, don't forget that you are getting here to have a great experience with your family and  even the youngest  participants must prepare for this process.  It often happens that kids misbehave , refuse to listen, cry or acting up  showing their personality. Baby boss in it's best. Our kids behaviors always have the reason behind.  Let's figure it out together!
Tell your child about Photography Session. 
If you treat a child like a little baby he will behave accordingly, right? One of the earliest and main mistakes is that children don't know about a meeting with photographer. Children of all ages need to be told in advance that they will meet a photographer and what will be expected from them. Have you ever got nervous before the photoshoot? Imagine how is it for your child - new environment, unknown person with a camera, rules.  Tell them that photoshoot will take some time and that may feel like it's boring at times, but it is very important to listen to the photographer, to smile and listen to mommy and daddy.  Tell the child why you want to do this photo ( Christmas card for the grandma  for example). And if in any moment of the photoshoot your child will start to get bored you should  remind him about what you agreed previously. Have this conversation a few times  before meeting for a family photoshoot.  Treat children as adults. That works!
Time. Let them adjust
 If your first photo shoot went well, then a year later, everything can change! That happened many times to me that I had the best photos taken of a one year old on his or her milestone photo shoot and a child was hiding behind parents and running out from us on his second or third year. Don't expect your baby to behave perfectly, the secret here is to prime yourself to be super positive and optimistic and it will transfer over to your child.  To cream at child during photoshoot is also a bad idea, it's better to leave him alone for a while and switch to photos of parents and show how much you enjoy it, laugh and may be even dance a little. Also don't overthink it,  if your photographer is not looking for the help and stays  positive, most likely you will have  great photos and he can capture smiles in between!
We'll give you chocolate doesn't work.
Don't promise anything to the child in advance by preparing him for the photo shoot mentally.It's very tempting to promise something to a child for a shot. What we don't take in consideration is that children are very impatient. It's quite useless to promise ice cream after the photo shoot, when the kid wants It now!  " Smile, we'll give you chocolate! " ends with a smile of 2 seconds, when both parents have desperate face expression looking at the child. Even if photographer fast to catch this one, it won't be your favorite photo. Only after 5-6 years old kids start to understand the time and that they need to wait and what "after" means.  The best way to do it is to prepare a small gift or surprise, which your toddler doesn't expect, and to bring after the photoshoot. Praise is the best reward for a child, and it will be much more effective on the long run not just for photoshoots but in life in general than waiting for that chocolate"parents don't want to give me".
Outfit is everything!
When  child doesn't feel comfortable, you will have the hardest time to get photo. If you planning a lifestyle photoshoot - go with kid's favorite clothes. If it's a theme photoshoot and you planned you little princess to look like a ballerina, try to engage her in the process of styling, make her excited, let her pick accessories. 
Don't let children get tired before the photoshoot
 If you have scheduled makeup on 2pm in our studio, try to not bring your child with you and leave him with your husband to come over later. Some of the photoshoots you can even start without child - for example maternity session where you were planning to include whole family. We can start from making mom beautiful and make for her gorgeous fine art portraits first, and then call the whole family to join us in the studio.
After reading this you will agree with me that we need to prepare our young participants for the photoshoot more than any other members of the family. Your toddler  may help you to create the most stunning imagery or make it quite a stressful time. Many problems can be avoided if we are prepared.
Here at Artfitnessflow Photography we provide complimentary consultations included in the photo session package. Can't wait to hear from you! 
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