You were waiting for your little angel for 9 month. You learned all needed information and secret tips about giving birth but you were not ready for how much your life will change after the baby. There is so much no one told you before and its a pure happiness and non-stop work. First year of your baby life is the longest and quickest in the same time. You'll see him change every single second, every day, every month. I hear from moms I work with that they regret not documenting many moments, especially if you are full time working mom. Below is a short guide I provide as a plan for new moms. Its free for you to use!
1) maternity photoshoot 
2) birth photography (optional. Every one feels different about it. I just want to show available options. I planned to do one for my dear friend Anna but her baby came month earlier and we skipped that part.
3) newborn photosession (there are photographers who specialize in styled newborn photoshoot or lifestyle, that most of the time include all family, I do both)
4) there are many moments you dont want to miss , keep your iphone handy or buy small pocket camera, that has a video mode as well. Always keep it in your mommy-bag. 
5) record short videos of you communicating and playing. You can always give a camera to your husband or simply put it on the table and start to record.
6) now you have 100s of photos and videos, now what? Print insta friendly album in the end of the year  or print cute square photos and fill the First Baby Book. The best products I saw on the market ans recommend to every one on @artifactuprising
7) what to do with videos? Sit down before baby's 1st birthday and make a movie in imovie on apple or delegate it to your family photographer if you don't have time. Trust me, that video will be the best thing in your life!!!
8) To 1st birthday of your child you almost a pro photographer with all practice. Give yourself some break and hire someone to do the job for you, just enjoy the celebration. .
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