Scrolling through Instagram feed you can find many perfect family photos. How beautiful, you think, and book a session with a local photographer. And then thousand questions pop up
You want this perfect family picture where everyone looks pretty and happy and you know that it's almost unrealistic to do. Kids just don't like to be photographed, younger one may start to cry, your husband think it's not necessary to do when you can just make a selfie on an i-phone.  
And on the top of that, photographer already asked you what's the location and what the vision and , omg, you have no clue. All you want is a perfect picture of your family with that golden light and nice blur on the background. Don't even get me started on ideas for family poses, you hope that photographer will position you that you look pretty, husband looks loving and kids well behaved. 
Don't worry, I got you. Here is your little cheat sheet for a perfect family photoshoot. 
Below are few tips to ensure your  family photography session is a success.

1. MAKE SURE BOTH YOU & THE KIDS ARE WELL FED. If your photoshoot will be more than an hour, bring snacks and water. I know it doesn't sound like a fitness group class, but a photosession takes a lot of energy. Be prepared so you can really enjoy the process. 
2. Make sure that your outfit choices are comfortable and attractive. Most of photographers will help you with ideas what to wear. Scroll through Pinterest feed or even look for holiday commercials for inspiration. Should you wear matching cloth ? That depends on what is the vision of the photoshoot and what will be the location. If it's just a neighborhood stroll, try to avoid clothing with patterns. 
3. Be sure to leave plenty of time to get ready. When a family shows up to a family photo session rushed and disorganized, it sets the tone for a rushed and disorganized session.  Give yourself extra time so that you are ready before it’s time to head out that door.
4. Don’t be afraid to pick up your children and toss them in the air.  Don't be surprised if photographer will ask you do not look at the camera. Photographer's goal to capture a family in a full meaning of this word, not just the amount of people registered under the same roof.   Sometime I even encourage my clients to write little notes, similar to wedding vows.  My goal is to create for you that experience so you finally took time to appreciate your family and a beauty of it. Tell each other how grateful you are and tell your kids how much you love them. You encouraged to laugh, giggle, joke. Show your photographer who you really are, so that she has the opportunity to capture your love through her lens. These are the photographs that you will cherish most because they depict your family connection and your love.
5. And don't be afraid to offer an unusual photography location. Your family loves to have croissants at french bakery on Sundays? May be we should meet there and just document that on camera with couple of images outside. Think about who you are as a family, what you love and what do you want to remember. White studio background may be stylish and get a lot of likes on Facebook. But next day, when everyone will move on to other online news, it will be only your picture. Make it special!
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