Some moms know who is their newborn photographer in the first trimester while others search right before delivery or even with a new baby in a family sleeping next to.
These 5 TIPS will help you to get the most out of your newborn photo session.
1. Due date
If the style of photography is very important to you - don't wait till the last moment. Most of newborn photographers can be booked for a few months ahead. Contact your most desired photographer  with your due date  to set the perfect dates for both sides. 
2. Choosing style
If you don't know what you want or what to expect - don't rush to ask your friends for the photographer they used. Picture of your precious baby is always the best for a new mom. It doesn't mean you are getting the best fit. There are 3 basic styles  of newborn photography:
- Lifestyle newborn photography;
- Fine art newborn Photography;
- Newborn Photography Classic.
Use these search phrases to pick the style you are looking for. That will help you to find photographer in the area with the best style for your needs.
3. Price
Understanding the pricing is very important. You may be wondering why some photoshoots cost $250 when some $1500. In reality market for newborn photography has similar prices, the only difference is how they are presented to you. 
You can always ask all details from the photographer you are planning to work with. 
1)The smallest price you usually find is from photographers who include ONLY their talant in price for the service. The rest will be a la-carte or adds-on. Make sure you read carefully how much you will be charged for digitals and prints if you want them. 
2)Than there are photographers who offer packages that include digitals. Package usually include photoshoot plus your digitals, with prints included or not depends on the photoshoot. We include here the print release (why some photographers may limit your right to print photos only to purchase from them).
3) And the last - most expensive - photographers who charge for everything included - you pay once, but at the end you get not only experience, but all digitals, usually album and a few prints or a canvas. 
4. Best timing
Your date of the photoshoot usually calculated this way: due date + 7 days. And you can pick the day that falls on the weekend if you want to add photos with you and your partner to the photo session. Fine art and classic newborn photo session should be done in first 2 weeks after the birth, because it will be easier to put baby to sleep and pose him. Lifestyle newborn photosession is not that strict with the timing.
5. Make up 
This is add-on service for moms. You may want it ( or not  and it's totally fine) if you are planning to include family picture in your newborn photosession.  When your baby is just born, you feel overwhelmed, happy, emotional, tired , the best in your life  and not so comfortable about your look in the same time, plus in the first few weeks you are still recovering. 
Postpartum depression is a real thing. It happens for many reasons and one of them is because you forget to take care of yourself or simply don't have time. Explain your partner while planning the photosession that this is may be an important service for you. It will help you to feel your best, even more beautiful than ever.
If you have any questions left about newborn photo sessions, we are at Artfitnessflow Photography are always ready to help.  

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