5 Tips how to get ready for your fitness photoshoot:

1. Not everyone does photoshoot as part of competition process. If you are not on the middle of dieting, keep a week of clean eating before your photoshoot. You should do it not for weight lose purpose but to avoid any inflammation caused by certain food. 

2. Be clear on what type of images you are trying to get. "I want beautiful images of fit me" is not going to help your photographer to make you happy. Dont be afraid to be specific - write down why you are doing it, what spirit, energy you want to showcase, does it requires any props, do you want focus to be on muscles, face, fashion of it , lines, colors or motion, etc.

3. Water. One of the most misunderstood subject in fitness photography. Lets clear this up 👌 a) you are a bodybuilder on last stage of prep - dehydrate b) ladies - please, drink plenty of water. Your skin should look nice and hydrated. It does make a difference. Take water out only ( !!!) In the day of the photoshoot of you dont want to look older on pictures

4. Tan. Here is a trick I use 😋 I dont like to use any tan that can mess up later spray tanning. So I use a one time washable spray, basically a paint. It calls "airbrush legs" by Sally Hansen. Its a spray. After you done with photoshoot just wash it off. Done ✔ 

5. Enjoy. I always tell my client - enjoy the process. Its about you, your achievement, your health and beauty. We are very attached to visual images. If you were too stressed during the photoshoot, you will always remember that looking at perfect shot, if you had a blast you will smile looking even on not perfect picture. .
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