NYC Photoshoot: fun or crazy idea?
When we think newborn photoshoot - it is white styled studio or cute baskets. When we think family photoshoot - it's beautiful nature and golden light. What if we try something new and create unforgettable images in everyday  environment?
I live in NJ, right outside of New York and everyday coming home I am looking at Manhattan skyline. New York was , is and will always be my inspiration. Many of my clients are from Northern Jersey or NYC area, so some of you may be interested in seeing examples of work we can do in the city. It still shows so much love, laughter and happiness. 
family photoshoot manhattan couple
family photoshoot rockfeller center
family photoshoot newyork
couple photo new york
family photo time square
What I always ask from my couples and families is "what is your dream photoshoot?" Yes, you should trust me with creativity, but you better give me direction for finding something you will enjoy. 
Most of families pick some idea from Pinterest or Instagram. And just a few come up with things like "place we met" or our favorite restaurant/coffee shop, "place we have never been", etc.
Photoshoot is so much more than just pretty photo. It is a part of you, and it is an experience in the same time. 
While we waiting for perfect moment, perfect weather or perfect location, life goes by so quick. I always encourage my clients to be present, to live, to enjoy it now and to save those moments that will never be back.

black and white couple photo
family photo by radio city
couple photo time square
couple photo with yellow cab
family photo manhattan time square