My name is Bill Scarnaty, I'm 60 years young! I'm a member of the greatest Professional Bodybuilding organization in the world; the IFBB. I recently completed in the Pittsburgh Pro Masters competition. I wanted a lasting memory of my hard work. So I searched photographers in my area, Edgewater, NJ. Then I realized that Anya was a member of our gym. I researched her work and was truly amazed at her artistic ability. I'm so lucky to have worked with her.   Anya is the consummate professional. She knows how to coax a mood out of you. She brings a flair for the dramatic in her art. So when you see one of her pictures, you FEEL what her subject was feeling. She made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire shoot. It was a great experience.   When I received the finished product, I was truly humbled and excited. The work was dramatic and beautiful. She emphasized my strength while at the same time, showing the balance of my symmetry! A bodybuilder's dream come true.   Anya is simply an amazing woman and an accomplished professional 
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