This project is a baby of my two passions - love to art and fitness - created to honor heroes that live around us who took their dedication to the healthy lifestyle and fitness and used it as a tool to reach their goals in life and succeeded . Many people deserve to be honored, many people are inspiring and you reach a higher level when you understand that fitness is an amazing tool that will help you a lot through life with health and success overall. Fitness industry and in particular the woman's side of it puts huge pressure to keep a certain physique, when in reality we should focus on health and inner peace in order to see , and feel the diversity of beauty in all people. At Artfitnessflow we are dedicated to shift the intent of working out from one of hate, anger, protection, to a mindset and a intention of love , tenderness, and care for the body you were given. We share stories of weight loss journeys, stories of athletes, fitness enthusiasts and interesting fitness life stories. All these people are helping us to spread the world about project and help to shift mindset of millions others.
I will share with you the story the way it is, without editing or editor marks. Feel free to support a hero of the project, leave comments on our social media
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Hi! My name is Winnie and I am 22 years old. I grew up in an Asian country and obese. It was a constant dilemma as traditional adults enjoy seeing their child with a voracious appetite ( it symbolizes abundance in Chinese culture) but at the same time they were obsessed with supermodel skinny. Being once obese ( I weighed 160lb) I was constantly picked and bullied on. I still remember the names that I was called. Silly things like fat pig and whatnot, I was in fact haunted.
The cherry on top was that I grew up queer, I was skilled in the fine arts and being raised in a society that did not see much value in the arts I was left constantly feeling abandoned and questioning my existence.
Eventually, I found solace in weight lifting, training and physical theatre. I been through bulimia, 900 calorie diets, 12km daily walks and even self mutilation. I saw my first mentor Zoe Daly on Instagram and I thought. Hey i wanted to be as badass as her and that's when I wiped my tears and pulled my big panties up. I was filled with rage and self loathing but I can make a change. I am not going to mark my body with scars, instead I am going to chisel my body into the best form there is and I am going to tell stories with it. I was going to change the world.
I am not exactly the most perfect human there is and i feel the key to self acceptance is firstly to acknowledge your flaws. Do not attribute any emotions to the flaw itself, just simply acknowledge it's presence and perhaps even give thanks, because the very flaws that you hate makes it who you are as well.
There is value in being human and it is alright to be imperfect or vulnerable. It is alright to cry, it is alright to have scars. 
I have worked with many women across my life. My mum who was a strong woman who eventually became a slouch, my sister who is fighting anorexia, my lover who is a transgender lesbian, my close friend who is a bisexual trying to fight gender stereotype, my mentor who is the reigning WBFF fitness pro. The female corpus and attempting to define femininity plays a huge aspect in my life.  To those who are trying to define themselves, my best advice I could give is to be open and vulnerable, express yourself, love and give freely; one would realize that the world has much to offer and to learn from. There is no right or wrong answer but only perspectives and wherever you go there is a tribe of females out there always willing to listen and to land a hand 

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