If you ever searched for boudoir photography online, you probably thought that most of the photos you see are photos of some models. The truth is that they all are just regular women all background and sizes! There are many reasons women are looking to get boudoir photoshoot, and most of them get it as part of the wedding package we offer , some (love that!) want to do it for themselves. There is even such a thing as couple boudoir photoshoot!
A boudoir session is much more than beautiful images. I especially love to work with new mommies, because lets be honest, not every women will return her shape back, some of us will have signs of the beautiful experience of giving a birth. And learning to love your body in new shape is very powerful. I want to share with you what one of my client said: "I couldn't imagine having myself photographed after I had a baby, I even said to my husband I'll never wear bikini again. And after the photoshoot... i have never felt so feminine!"
That type of photoshoot can be performed not only in the studio but outdoors as well. Sensual pictures go far beyond being half naked and laying on the bed. Its about you, your story, your feelings, your vision of yourself without judgment. That is an experience that leaves you feeling empowered and FIERCELY beautiful!

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