"When I'll get fit I'll go...I'll buy... I'll wear/join/show/apply" - is one of the most common phrases we all use. We are all in the process of getting into amazing shape. Fitness magazines coming with new issues every month, fitness studios screaming about new methods and unbelievable promising techniques, but what about us? We still didn't get that shape. 

Today, while «I'm size sexy» motto rocking the runaway, most of the population ‪associates a beautiful body with an athletic fitness shape.  In general , opinion forms by the image that has bubbled up by pop culture that year. The perfect body has looked pretty different over the years. A picture that we had first half of the century was about wide hips and a narrow waist. It was replaced by long-legged skinny Twiggy in 1960. That caused countless amount of eating disorders. Even the image changed on Farrah Fawcett, an athletic gorgeous woman, in 1970, those years known as a pick of anorexia nervosa. Since that every year we see different type of women on magazine's covers, but the problem stays the same – 90% of the population is trying to get the certain look, criteria of which do not exist.

Girls from young age think that whatever they look like is not good enough for them. I believe that instead of teaching the young population how to reach the sameness, we must teach them healthy habits and how to accept and appreciate differences. If you want to change the world, start with yourself.

1.     Give yourself compliments today. Instead of complaining about soft core area, give a compliment to your perfect clean soft skin and developed shoulders. Focus on something that already looks good.
2.     Find a good photographer and go for a fitness photoshoot. It's not only fun, but also a proof of the love and acceptance you have to your body.
3.     Never give up. Put a smile on your face and work on the changes you want to make, but always keep a picture from your photoshoot next to, you MUST see how amazing you are NOW. 
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