Thank you Can Do Fitness and Wellness, Edgewater and Crossfit Giant for providing us space for the photoshoot.
model: Dana Diamond
photography by Artfitnessflow
"I didn't chose working out. Working out at a gym found me. I was in college , stressed and had no where to go. My anxiety would build up and these emotions of anger would get to me. I needed an outlet. I needed more than an outlet. A way to express myself. 

The gym became my safe haven. A place I could go a surround myself with just myself. Plug in my headphones and plug out of life for a bit. It was and is my escape. An anchor in my day that is routine. Sweating through the hard times has and will be some of my best times. I look forward to it , not for the byproduct of aesthetics , but to have time for myself and tune out for just that hour or so before I conquer the day. The day is mine once the workout is complete. "
- Dana Diamond
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