In today’s society expressing femininity and sexuality is held to a completely different standard. And it’s pretty much impossible for women to find a safe balance —  no matter what kind of choices they make about how to present their bodies to the world, they face consequences either way. From the early age girls hear “you can’t say/look like that, you are a girl”. Growing up, girls are judged a lot by their appearance. Overweighted woman feel more societal pressure to lose weight than overweight men. (The Fat Studies Reader, Esther Rothblum, Sondra Solovay).
When it comes to sexuality – most of the world still hold archaic traditions and view points of women. We are not expected to be fully covered, yet there is a fine line of being viewed or even judged poorly. And it’s funny, the judgement comes from those glaring eyes and usually behind your back from those people who are far too afraid and caught up in old prehistoric definitions of being a woman.
 If a woman is showing her sexuality most likely she’ll be called a slut: “Why she dressed up like that? Is she looking for attention?”
If she doesn’t show it – she’s a laboratory rat who should start to take care of herself.
It is now time for attributes like strength, poise, discipline, loyal, beauty, sexual to be part of the term feminine. Let’s cultivate a shift in society that allows for the free expression of a woman. Free of any judgements of others and, most importantly, free of the judgement from themselves. In this cultivation there would be extreme support and encouragement from other women.
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