"I’m the most beautiful woman in the world" - said no woman ever. What the real one would say is "I’m too this and not enough of that and here is absolutely unacceptable. But I’m strong , confident and motivated, I’ll work on it.” And with an obstinacy of a ram she runs ahead…

Well, great approach for the self-improvement, but here is a little problem: self obsession brings us to the place where nothing is good enough. More than that, this road lays in the opposite direction from  happiness. 

Okay, you will say, what should i do then? The answer is simple and complicated in the same time. Find who YOU are. 

Our brain is wired in such a way that we tend to chose the easiest road. In this case the easiest road to follow a diet and a workout plan of a fitness model. And….Big surprise - we all built different. What works for her may not work for you and vice versa.

And one more question, who told you by having a low body fat percentage you  will be beautiful? Girls do it for competition in order to make their muscle visible for the judges and they are smart and educated to take care of themselves after show, eat , drink and make sure they are healthy.  Did you know that low carb diet may lead to hormone shifts,moodiness and a low energy level? Why would you do that to your body unless you wear bikini at work every day?

Before making any decision ask yourself one simple question, what stands behind my decision to get a “bikini” body. If the answer is to be a happy woman, does it really mean popped up veins and a six pack? Or does  it mean to be able to enjoy  dinner with family, carry and give birth to a baby, being a mom, smile, laugh, create, inspire. 
 Fat - is physiological. If the woman loses too much -  she may have a fertility issues. And even nature tells you that you should chose between being a woman or adding silicon to compensate  for your fat lose.

Don’t get me wrong I respect every woman participating in a bikini competition, but understand this: it’s a SPORT. They are athletes. And mass media must deliver to us all that there are other ways to be fit, healthy and happy. 

You are not the sum of your workouts or your last meal. Who you are? What do you love to do? What do you enjoy and what  is acceptable? You may come to the same decision to do a restricted dieting but it will be your CHOICE.  Then It’s a different story.
Be centered, be balanced, work hard for what you want and enjoy things you love. Whatever you’re doing in your life may it come from your CHOICE , but not from trying to fit in the frame of others opinion. 
Be happy!
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